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 Design A Creative Website By Learning Designing Basics

Having an online presence is the basic need these days and thus most of the companies are getting their website designed. It is due to this reason that people are opting for website designing as a career. Today, with so many platforms available, it is not essential to learn the coding. You just need to have basic knowledge of the designing process and should be aware of the platforms on which the websites are designed.

Back end Vs front end web development

The front end is the part of the website that the observer sees. The back end deals with the server, stored images, data and other components. Web development and design is just like building a home. An architect models the house like the web designer designs a website. The constructed part of the house like bricks, plumbing, mortar etc. are included in the back end development and interior decoration like painting, finishing touches and other visible things of the house are included in front end development.

Front development can be done by using HTML, java script and CSS while in the back end development developers generally use java, PHP, python, .Net, SQL and other programming languages. It is not necessary for the designer to learn all the languages. You should make a goal to understand how coding is done for the designing. You need to understand and primarily focus on the front end programming because it is a part by which you can create the visual elements and layout of the design.

Basic languages that every developer should know about

HTML (hyper text markup language) is the basic language used for designing process of a website. It involves many levels of coding and languages. The first step of the process is to write the basic html code and design the components of the site that turn into html elements. All the components like image, text and animation are the elements that are specified by tags.

CSS (cascading style sheets) store all the information of styling as CSS sheets from HTML. It works well for large websites with various pages. The fonts and your own layout is no longer needed for each page. CSS style sheets can be used for all the pages to influence font set and a common layout etc. You can also change the CSS sheets to make major changes in the layout for the demand of the customer at the last moment without editing each page of the website.

You can make your web page interactive and dynamic by Java script. Auto-fill fields, contact forms, change image carousels all are based on the Java script. There are many ways by which you can add dynamic elements but java script is the most popular one. Java script is used to load various content and also change HTML content.

By taking an effort to learn all these basic languages, you will definitely expand your programming skills. You will further understand to help create new designing possibilities. You will be able to implement your own websites and meet with the opportunity to interact with more developers.


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