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Have An Attractive E-Commerce Website Design For The Success Of Your Business

E-commerce is the trending business option and many of the merchants from Reading are now entering into this business sector. The most common reasons for the popularity of the e-commerce industry are the convenience to the buyers and the worldwide visibility to the customers. With the view to expand the business easily and to improve the accessibility of the business, e-commerce is the best option. The foremost requirement for the e-commerce business is the creation of high quality website. Dynamic website with the best design plays an important role in taking your business to a new height.

These days, e-commerce business owners are now looking for the professional excellent web designer based in Reading for getting the high quality e-commerce website design.

Integration of the payment option to your website design

In the e-commerce business, there is a need to make the payments online. It is a convenient option for the customers to buy the products. However, they always doubt about the security feature of the payment gateway used for making payments. They generally prefer to make payments only on those websites which are secured. Thus, to attract the customers to buy products from your online store and make the payments right there, you have to integrate the best payment processing to your website design. Before that you have to focus on the design of the e-commerce website for making payments easily.

Prepare your website to get the online payment feature

There is a need of approval for credit card merchant from the banks to allow online payments on your website. For this, there are certain types of requirements from the banks which are required to be fulfilled. The most important requirement is to provide essential information on your e-commerce website. These include:

  • Refund and cancellation policy should be clearly visible to the users
  • Delivery policy should also be there
  • Visa and Mastercard Logos should be displayed on the payment page of your e-commerce website.
  • Include information about the surcharge fee

After this, you will be able to get the credit card merchant account so that you can receive all the payments made by your customers on your e-commerce website. Now, choose the payment gateway and sign up with it. You have to ensure that your e-commerce website is responsive and is working smoothly. Add payment method and test the gateway.

Design of your e-commerce website matters a lot

Along with the design of the payment page of your website, design of the homepage and other pages is equally important in making the e-commerce website secure. Some of the interesting elements that you should include in your e-commerce website include:

  • Minimal design
  • Right use of color palette
  • Large and responsive images
  • Flat design of fonts with subtle shadow to highlight
  • Hidden menu options but easy navigation property
  • Properly arranged items at the online stores

With the inclusion of these features in your e-commerce website design, it is easier for you to have the best website design.



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